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Xcell4life Multiplex Center

The Visionary

Dr. Angella Banks

The Xcell4life Multiplex Center was established as a new initiative to address the decline of community centers and the imminent need for business centers.  The Xcell4life Multiplex is a hybrid model to address both issues.  The center was envisioned and created by Dr. Angella Banks.  Dr. Angella Banks is the Founder & President of Xcellence, Inc.  Xcellence, Inc. is a tax-exempt community leadership organization.  The Xcell4life Multiplex Center is an affiliated entity of Xcellence, Inc.

After 15 years of grassroots efforts to develop, empower, and promote leaders, Dr. Banks felt it was time to expand the online virtual hubs into physical locations to serve communities locally.  On Saturday, August 19, 2023, this vision became a reality as the ribbon cutting and open house celebration was a huge success.  The celebratory came from near and far as the Xcellence, Inc. global community of leaders descended into Brownsville, TN to be a part of the historical day.  Brownsville, Tennessee is the birth city of Dr. Angella Banks and is nestled in a rural community located approximately 46 miles from Memphis, TN.  


Our Mission Is to Lead, Empower, and Educate Leaders


Educational and Professional Online Programs/Courses


Industry Leading Mentors and Coaches


Certified School Graduates


Satisfaction Rated by Students

We are committed to seeing our community leaders reach their fullest potential.  Our numbers are a testament to our commitment and mission to lead, educate, and empower leaders. We realize that one method does not work for all.  The Xcell4life Multiplex Center will primarily address local community deficits so residents have access, knowledge, and resources to grow, compete, and sustain in today's environment. We are here to assist you in your day-to-day business challenges and assist in making your visions and dreams a reality.  

Our Community Partners

A Global Community of Leaders


Join our Community

Our Xcellence Community America-Global members are some of the top emerging and advanced-level leaders across the world.  Their professions rank as some of the top leaders in their respective industries.


Enroll in Certification Programs

Come visit our virtual online campus. We launched our first class in 2016 and has grown exponentially over the past few years. Our growth has not been random, it is through our intentional course designs and success measurements which has kept our school in high-demand to industry leaders, experts, and dreamers, just like you.

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Enroll in Degree Programs

Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University is an accredited Christian Bible University that is creating an ecosystem by equipping, educating and empowering a community of entrepreneurs, biblical scholars and multimedia creatives dedicated to changing the world through education, innovation and collaboration.


Meet the Founder

Dr. Angella Banks, also known as “Dr. A,” is the Founder of Xcellence, Inc., one of the fastest growing community leadership organizations in the United States with international presence. Under the corporate umbrella of Xcellence, Inc., she is the founder of Xcellence Leadership University, and currently in the process of starting her own credit union.

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